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Advertising in Our Newsletter

Having us publish your ad is a great way to promote your announcement. Generally, ads that will help readers to do something that improves the quality of their life or helps their business prosper are valuable and observed. The thing is, many people are fooled into thinking that it's impossible to write unless you're a talented writer. Learning to write ads takes time and effort, but it's not an impossible task and can take less than 10 minutes using a word document and spell check. Your ad will be viewed by approximately 200 members who are a part of svc-camft as well as anyone who visits this website and is interested in viewing our newsletter.

Steps to Advertise in Our Newsletter

1.  If you are a SVC-CAMFT member, it is free - just follow the Advertising Policy below and then send an email to info@svccamft.org with your advertisement.

2.  If you are not a SVC-CAMFT member BUT are posting an EMPLOYMENT opportunity, it is free -  just follow the Advertising Policy below and then send an email to info@svccamft.org with your advertisement.

3.  If your are not a SVC-CAMFT member and your are not posting an employment opportunity then please
     a.   Follow the policy for writing the advertisement
     b.   Count how many key strokes
(Click here to learn more about checking  
            your ad for key strokes, spelling, grammar, and size.)   This will help
            determine the cost:

                    $10 for 200 key strokes
                    $20 for 201-600 key strokes
                    $30 for 601-1000 key strokes

      c.   Pay for it by clicking here and selecting which newsletter you want to
            put your advertisement in.  Pay via paypal or send in a check.
      d.   Then send an email to
info@svccamft.org with your

Advertising Policy for the Newsletter:

All ads are not to exceed 1000 key strokes.

Full page and ½ page ads are not accepted.

All ads contain text only; no graphics will be included.

Ads submitted that are longer than 1000 key strokes will be returned for editing. It is best to type your ad in a Microsoft Word document to note how many key strokes (characters with spaces), how big your ad is, and for your own record keeping. You can then copy and paste it into an email or attach the word document into the email. Click here to learn more about checking your ad for key strokes, spelling, grammar, and size.

It is your responsibility to check for spelling and grammar errors.

Newsletter Deadlines:

NewsletterPublication DateDeadline to Submit Ads
SpringApril 6
 March 22
SummerJuly 6
June 22
FallOctober 6
September 22
WinterDecember 30
December 15

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