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April 2017
 Newsletter Editor:  Heather Blessing, MA, LMFT
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 Newsletter Highlights & Important Information

We are now at at Rancho Cordova City Hall - Click Here for Directions
     Special Feature - Brainspotting: The Revoluntionary New Trauma Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change by Lisa Larson, LMFT

We want to thank our amazing volunteers for the month of March:
Carolyn Nelson
Clare Brown
Lynn Baker-Nauman

Letter from the Board

April 1, 2017

Hello {Contact_First_Name} {Contact_Last_Name}
Another month with great news to report!  We started the year with nearly sold out attendance at our January event, then sold out for both February and March.  With Amen Clinic presenting Brain Imaging: The Neurobiological Underpinnings of Behavior and its Impact on Therapy on Friday, April 7, I am sure we will sell out again, if we haven't by the time you read this.

Our 3000 Club has steadily grown as well.  The BBS will be sending three representatives to the next meeting on April 7, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

This month looks to be another good month for the Board as well.  We hold a second planning retreat to share information learned at the CAMFT Chapter Leadership Conference in February so we may establish a strategic plan aimed at increasing membership benefit and experience. (Phew, that was a long sentence.)

Keep an eye out for our annual Law & Ethics training as well.  The event offers a 6 CE option for licensees and prepare interns and trainees with a 12 CE option.  Presenters include David Jensen, a CAMFT attorney, and a valuable member of SVC-CAMFT and CAMFT, Darlene Davis, LMFT.  We look forward to hosting them this year. Be sure to register this month when we send the link.  Increased attendance and nearly selling out last year will undoubtedly lead to a sell out this year.

Lastly, I want to thank the Committee Chairs and the Executive Committee.  They have been meeting over the last month to prepare for our retreat.  In particular, special thanks goes to Talal Alsaleem, your President-Elect, for meeting with each committee and to Nate Hooper, LMFT and Susan Martin for their dedication and excellent planning.  Of course, none of this would be possible without our volunteers.  Thank you all.  If you would like to help us reach our next level, consider volunteering as our Sponsorship Chair.  If you would like to know more about the duties and rewards, visit our website or speak with one of your outstanding board members.

Until next month, all the best and warm wishes,


David Clark


  This issue:
· Letter From the Board
· Legal Beagle

· Presentation Summary
· Upcoming Event
· Upcoming Board Meetings

· Special Feature
· Letters to the Editor

· Psyched about Books and Movies

· Paid MFT Internships
· Advertising and Announcements

· Advertising Policy for the Newsletter


David Clark, MFT Intern

Talal Alsaleem, LMFT

Past President:
Patricia Saint James, LMFT

Adriana Joyner, LMFT

Billy Schult, MFT Intern

Program Co-Chairs:

Nate Hooper, LMFT
Susan Martin, MFT Trainee

3000 Club Chair:
Suzy Lee, LMFT

Volunteer Chair:
Angie Moxey, LMFT

Membership Chair:

Jessica Wolff, LMFT

Sponsorship Co-Chairs:


Legal Beagle

dectective.pngWelcome to the section of the SVC-CAMFT newsletter, Legal Beagle written by Darlene Davis, LMFT. The chapter thought it would be helpful to keep you updated on new laws, legislative pursuits or actions, as well as ongoing legaland ethical dilemmas we all face in our career as Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Interns, and Trainees. Please feel free to ask questions that you have and I will do my best to investigate and post your answer in the newsletter. Please note that articles are based on information from CAMFT and/or the BBS and have been researched to the best of my ability. This is not meant to be legal advice.  Please contact CAMFT or Board of Behavioral Sciences for any legal matters you need assistance for.


There are many items waiting on legislation which I will wait to report on until they become law if they become law! In the meantime here are a few items that came into law as of January 2017:

Did you know that Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) can assess and treat individuals and groups but not couples or families! Well they can’t unless they have…
1. Six (6) semester units or nine (9) quarter units specifically focused on the theory and
application of marriage and family therapy OR a named specialization or emphasis
area on the qualifying degree in marriage and family therapy; marital and family
therapy; marriage, family, and child counseling; or couple and family therapy.
(many current students are getting a degree towards licensing as an MFT and PCC which would satisfy this requirement)
2. No less than 500 hours of documented supervised experience working directly with
couples, families, or children.
(this can be done as an intern) (*there are no restrictions seeing couples and families as a trainee but the hours do not count toward this 500 minimum; see below*)
3. A minimum of six (6) hours of continuing education (CE) specific to marriage and
family therapy during each license renewal cycle. The six (6) hours will count toward
the required overall 36 hours of CE.
(this is completed as a licensed clinician of course)


The BBS has now requires that LPCC’s that have met the above requirements to assess and treat couples and families must also;

1. Obtain written confirmation from the Board stating that he or she meets the requirements to assess and treat couples and families prior to assessing
or treating a couple or family client.
(You must fill out this application found on the BBS website http://www.bbs.ca.gov/pdf/forms/lpc/lpcc_met-lmft-reqmt_app.pdf )

2. Provide a copy of the Board’s written confirmation to couple or family clients prior to
commencement of treatment.
(once the above aforementioned application is submitted)

3. If you are an LPCC and a supervisor you must provide a copy of the Board’s written confirmation to the types of supervisees listed below, prior to commencement of supervision:
A marriage and family therapist trainee or intern
An LPCC or PCC Intern who is gaining the supervised experience necessary to treat
      couples or families

***Obtaining Supervised Experience with Couples, Families or Children:
Professional Clinical Counselor Interns and LPCC licensees are temporarily exempt
from the scope of practice limitation while gaining supervised experience, if obtained under the direct supervision of any of the following California licensees who have been practicing for at least two (2) years:
An LPCC who has already met the scope of practice qualifications to treat couples
     and families and has obtained written confirmation from the Board that they have 
     met the qualifications to treat couples and families;
   • A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; OR
   •Any of the following who have sufficient education and experience in treating couples
     and families to competently practice couples and family therapy in California:
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Physician Certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry
     and Neurology

Then there are the usual requirements as a supervisor…
The supervisor must have received professional training in supervision, may not have provided therapeutic services to the supervisee, and must have a current and valid
license that is not under suspension or probation.

*Professional Clinical Counselor Students/Trainees are permitted to treat couples and
families as part of their supervised practicum experience, but may not count that experience toward the 500 hours required to treat couples and families.

LAW AND ETHICS PASSING SCORE REQUIRED FOR SUBSEQUENT REGISTRATION (This is an intern that has passed their 5th registration renewal which typically happens in a 6 year period.)

Applicants who obtained a subsequent (2nd or 3rd) ASW, IMF, or PCCI registration anytime during 2016, must pass the California Law and Ethics Exam, in order to renew their registration in 2017.

In addition, on or after January 1, 2017, applicants for subsequent ASW, IMF, or PCCI registration must pass the California Law and Ethics Exam, before a subsequent registration may be issued.

Hope these items have been helpful. Please feel free to email me with any questions

I also want to invite you to my Online Exam prep classes that I hope will help your success in passing the Law and Ethics Examination! Go to www.darlenedavismft.com and www.hope-counselingcenter.org for more information. You can also contact me at dardav2@gmail.com



Darlene Davis, LMFT Executive Director HOPE; Healthy Outcomes for Personal Enrichment MFT Stipend Coordinator for Greater Sacramento Instructor of University of Phoenix www.darlenedavismft.com www.hope-counselingcenter.org

if you are an intern and need the new Law and Ethics training - go to http://www.darlenedavismft.com/Services-for-Interns---Trainees.html


  March Presentation Summary

BrainSpotting: Trauma Therapy that Works! (2 CEs)

Presenter: Lisa Larson, LMFT


SVC-CAMFT’s March 2017 workshop was led by Lisa Larson, LMFT and Director of the Pacific Counseling and Trauma Center and Pacific Trauma Specialists in Folsom. The capacity crowd was treated to Lisa’s unique workshop, which began with a presentation on Brainspotting, and was followed by a Brainspotting demonstration with an actual client and a Q & A session. Lisa’s Brainspotting presentation began with a discussion of trauma types as outlined by the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study and symptoms of un-discharged traumatic stress. Brainspotting’s developer, Dr. David Grand, harnessed the concept of a fixed gaze while thinking or speaking, which, when identified, has the potential to release a torrent of trauma material and experiences. Once released, the trauma-based dysregulation is moved to healing and overall regulation as the regions of the brain that are specifically in neurobiological regulation are engaged.

The second half of Lisa’s workshop included a Brainspotting demonstration with a previously selected volunteer. The session took about 40 minutes and was followed by a question and answer period with attendees learning more about the client experience of the Brainspotting process.  

Summary by: Susan Martin, MFT Student



April Events

April 3000 CLUB

Topic:**Free** Pre-Licensed 3000 Club Meeting -  The BBS is coming to answer your questions!
BBS Representatives
Date: Friday, April 7. 2017
Time: 8:30am to 9:30am
Location:  Rancho Cordova City Hall,
                2729 Prospect Park Drive,
                Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (map)
Free Coffee and Donuts
Space is limited so please register here and make sure you list any questions or topics you want covered by the BBS.
Workshop Information:  The BBS is coming to answer your questions.  Here is a great time to get the answers you desperately need and may have not been able to get anyone to answer them.

Presenter Bio: BBS - The Board of Behavioral Sciences - our licensing agency will have representatives at this workshop.

** Please be courteous and send us an email at info@svccamft.org if you are unable to attend after you have registered. **


Topic:  Brain Imaging: The Neurobiological Underpinnings of Behavior and its Impact on Therapy
Presenter:  Dr. Daniel Emina from the Amen Clinic
Date:  Friday, April 7, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00PM
Location: Rancho Cordova City Hall,
                2729 Prospect Park Drive,
                Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (map)

Networking and Registration starts at 9:00 AM

This program will benefit LMFT, LPCC, LEP and LCSW licensees and pre licensees by allowing clinicians to look deeper into their patients' brain health and learn more about at the organ that they are treating.

Includes: Breakfast and meets the qualifications for 2 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.  Sacramento Valley Chapter of California Marriage and Family Therapist CAMFT CEPA CE Provider #62279 CE Credit will be awarded on site and to participants at completion of the course. 

No CEs will be awarded to persons arriving late or leaving early. Partial CE credit will not be awarded.

Workshop Information:

This workshop will allow mental health clinician to look deeper into their patient's brain health and learn more about this organ they are treating.  It will provide information to help understand the underlying physiology of a patient's brain health, how to recognize and reduce treatment errors, increase compliance, and reduce stigma associated with working with brain health.  Dr. Emina will cover the Amen Clinic's Method: Brain Focused Approach to brain health.

9:00 am Registration Starts
9:00am - 9:45am - Networking
9:45am - 10:00am - Announcements
10:00am - 11:00am - Workshop
11:00am - 11:10am - Break
11:10am - noon - workshop
noon - Workshop Ends

Learning Objectives:
Describe the Neurobiological Underpinnings of Behavior and its Impact on Therapy

Apply Amen Clinics Method: Brain Focused Approach

Discuss Brain SPECT Imaging

Presenter Bio:
Dr. Daniel Emina is a child/adolescent and adult psychiatrist who earned his medical degree from the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine, and completed his general residency in psychiatry and child/adolescent fellowship at the University of Hawaii Department of Psychiatry. His training was modeled on a bio/psych/social/spiritual/cultural understanding of an individual and featured a diverse patient population.

He sees each client in the context of their families, schools/job, and community. He enjoys working with children and adults, and is well-versed in individual, family, couples, and group psychotherapy. He uses dynamic as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, family psychotherapy and works to integrate pharmacotherapy and alternative therapies to optimize brain health and function. He is experienced in anxiety and mood disorders, addiction, ADD/ADHD, impulsive/disruptive behavior disorders, autism spectrum, psychotic disorders, OCD, and PTSD. He has particular interests in the integration of technology, religion, culture, and medicine. He strongly believes that all care starts with a compassionate and empathetic ear, and works to empower each client in their own care

Register and pay online or register online and pay at the door with check or cash.

Early registration ends Tuesday, April 4th Early registration rates*:

2017 Licensed, Associate or Affiliate Member of SVC-CAMFT or a local chapter of CAMFT: $20

2017 Pre-Licensed Member of SVC-CAMFT or a local chapter of CAMFT: $15

Non-Member: $30

*Add $5 for late or "at-door" registration

For information on joining SVC-CAMFT or renewing your membership for 2017 please email: info@svccamft.org

Refund Policy
Cancellations received more than 7 days prior to an event may be subject to an administrative fee to cover costs of the initial transaction.  No shows, failure to attend, and cancellations 7 or fewer days prior to an event for any reason are non-refundable, including registrations received fewer than 7 days prior to an event. No credit, refunds, or price adjustments will be given for typographical advertisement errors. A $25 fee in addition to the registration fee will be charged for insufficient funds, denied credit cards, or charge-backs. By registering for the event you agree to the terms of the Refund Policy.

Grievance Policy is located here.

To request accommodations for a disability for any of our events contact our Administrative Assistant at info@svccamft.org

2017 Upcoming Workshops

 Date CEs Topic Speaker Location         
 April 7
 2 Brain Imaging, The Amen Clinic
 Dr. Daniel Emina
 Rancho Cordova City Hall (map)
 May 5
 2 Mindful Self-Compasion Sean Cook PsyD
 Rancho Cordova City Hall (map)
 June 2
 2 LGBTQ+ David Nylund
 Rancho Cordova City Hall (map)
 July - Date TBA
 12 2 Day Law and Ethics
 TBA Rancho Cordova City Hall (map)
 September 1
 2 Psychodrama Kathy Campbell
 Rancho Cordova City Hall (map)
 October 6
 6 Sex Addiction
 Robert Weiss
 Rancho Cordova City Hall (map)
November 3
 2 What Every Therapist Should Know About Insurance - Even If You Want Nothing To Do With It
 Barbara Griswold
Rancho Cordova City Hall (map)

Upcoming Board Meetings

Board Meetings are FREE for anyone to attend BUT you MUST register so we have an accurate headcount.
To Register click on the board meeting(s) you wish to attend.

Our next board meeting and retreat will be April 9, 2017 where we will plan the rest of the year


Special Feature

Brainspotting: The Revolutionary New Trauma Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change.

By Lisa Larson, LMFT, Director of Pacific Counseling and Trauma Center

When I had my first Brainspotting session back in 2007 I was absolutely shocked. I had personally received EMDR for a near death experience in 2005 and found it so effective I trained with the founder of EMDR immediately. I loved it and was an active EMDR therapist doing 25 hours a week of EMDR therapy with my traumatized clients in private practice. What shocked me about my first Brainspotting session was that the trauma I chose to work on was one I truly believed I had already resolved with EMDR. I thought my disturbance level on this particularly awful trauma was down to a 2 on a disturbance scale of 0 to 10. Zero (no disturbance) to10 (the highest disturbance I could imagine.)

During my first Brainspotting session I could feel the incredibly strong body sensations I was having as I processed a terrifying moment of adolescent abuse where I truly believed I would die. I knew right away that somehow Brainspotting was accessing the exact place in my body where I was still holding onto this horrific trauma. It almost felt like there was a laser beam targeting my body right where my body was still bearing the burden of a near strangulation experience at the hands of one of my parents. At the end of the session, I felt like my most traumatic abuse memory had literally been taken out of my body and my mind. I had a peace afterward I had never known. I was so amazed by the outcome that I continued to receive multiple sessions of Brainspotting. Shortly thereafter, while on a scuba diving vacation with my husband, I discovered that my Brainspotting sessions had significantly altered my breathing patterns. I knew I felt calmer and less anxious but I lasted 20 minutes longer under water when I went scuba diving then I ever had in many years of diving with my husband. He said,  “Whatever you are doing it is calming down your breath significantly, don’t stop!”  I went from having an anxious breath to a calm breath. I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was no longer flooding my body with stress hormones. My anxiety and insomnia were gone. I was thrilled and amazed and I started doing Brainspotting on all of my traumatized clients. I didn’t tell my clients I was using a different trauma modality. I just wanted to observe them to see if they would have the same depth of healing I had experienced. They all responded with something like this: “Your EMDR is a lot more powerful now.” And  “I don’t really know what is different but I feel like I have excavated 50 pounds of weight and pain out of my body.” Or “This feels a lot more powerful and effective.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but I now understand that Brainspotting had accessed the precise spots in my brain where I held all of the terror and self-blame from having a parent try to strangle me as well as multiple abuse events. I noticed that my clients were healing rapidly and profoundly from the power of this brain based trauma therapy. Their bodies responded and released long help traumatic material once we found where their “Brainspots” were. (Please see the video “What is a Brainspot” at https://vimeo.com/186019577

The rapid and deep healing that was occurring was beyond my wildest expectation or theirs. I now know that what is in the Body is in the Brain and visa versa. As Brainspotting accesses the trauma capsules stuck or frozen in the deepest regions of our brains, healing at the deepest level occurs.  Symptoms of anxiety, hyper vigilance, insomnia, rage, dissociation, numbing and self-loathing go with it.

"Brainspotting" was voted the most effective trauma treatment by the parents and survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre after a five-year study comparing over 25 therapeutic modalities offered to survivors by the Sandy Hook Community Foundation. The parents rated Brainspotting first in its effectiveness in treating the traumatic loss of their young children. 

If you or anyone you know is dealing with trauma-whether very recent or very old, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to try this phenomenal healing modality. Please go to www.Brainspotting.com or www.pacifictraumacenter.com to find a Brainspotting Therapist. If you are interested in becoming a Brainspotting Therapist please contact Lisa Larson at www.pacifictraumacenter.com or email me at lisalarsonpctc@gmail.com

With gratitude for the Sacramento CAMFT chapter and the technology and brain-based trauma therapies that can set the most traumatized men, women and children free.


Blessings to all,


Lisa Larson, LMFT

Pacific Counseling and Trauma Center



(916) 608-4569




The views expressed in the Special Feature Articles do not necessarily reflect the Sacramento Valley Chapter of CAMFT or CAMFT. They should be understood as the personal opinions of the author. No information in this article will be understood as official.  Other views and commentary are welcome and will be published as long as they are respectful and stick to the topic.

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Psyched about Books and Movies

Welcome to "Psyched about Books and Movies!"  Each month we include a book or movie review by one of our readers.  Please see below guidelines on submitting a review. 

Title: Julie's Greenroom
Channel: Netflix

Release Date:
March 17, 2017 - Season 1 (13 Episodes)

Reviewer: Heather Blessing, LMFT

Julie Andrews an assistant and a cast of muppets work together to put on a musical.  The muppet cast includes a child in a wheelchair and a gender neutral child.  It is a very positive and inclusive children's show.  This is a nice fun show with music and singing that teaches about the theater and working together using each child's skills.


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Paid Internships
Listing Provided by:

Prelicensed is a free resource for MFT registered interns, trainees, and students in California. We offer numerous services that are designed to help you prepare and prevail over the course of your journey to licensure

Clinician I and Clinician II - Woodland, CA - County of Yolo

Mental Health Counselor - Sacramento, CA - Visions Unlimited, Inc.

Clinician Facilitator – WRAP Therapist - Elk Grove, CA - River Oak Center for Children


For more job listings and other free resources, visit Prelicensed!

Advertising and Announcements


HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Sacramento is small private mental health clinic that specializes in Intensive Outpatient Programs. We treat our patients from a holistic perspective. Our goal is to remove obstacles from healing and help our patients create a life of authenticity and self-management. Our programs are covered by insurance for children, teens and adults with the following conditions: Trauma, including Medical Trauma and Chronic Pain, Mood and Anxiety Problems, Food Dysregulations, Autism Spectrum and Behavior Problems. Patients generally continue to see their primary therapist while attending IOP treatment.  Please visit our website at wwww.HealthPsychologySacramento.com


Law Offices of Joseph C. George, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist (PSY 7480)
Attorney at Law (SBN 119231)
Free consultation.
Website: www.psyclaw.com
Telephone: 916.641.7300


LifeSTAR Sacramento is a successful out-patient treatment program for individuals/couples adversely affected by compulsive sexual behaviors and partner relational trauma. Our next Phase 1 six week workshop begins Wednesday April 12th 7-9:30PM. A jump start into treatment for new clients or a re-set for current clients in recovery, the workshop is facilitated by certified sexual addiction therapists (CSAT) and is a structured recovery road map for long-term sobriety and relational betrayal stabilization. LifeSTAR implements an integrative treatment model including workbooks with emphasis on CBT, Sue Johnson's EFT, Pat Carnes 30 Tasks, Brene Brown's Shame Reduction and Mindfulness. We also offer a "Taming Triggers" Partner Support group that is open and on-going. To refer a client or seek case consultation contact Leslie Haws, LMFT, CSAT,CMAT, Clinical Director at (916)728-5433. Or email at info@lifestarsacramento.org http://www.lifestarsacramento.org.


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