October 2020

Newsletter Editor: Heather Blessing, MA, LMFT 

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All workshops will be through ZOOM through at least the end of June 2021 due to COVID-19 Restrictrictions.

Letter from SVC-CAMFT

October 1, 2020

I hope you're remaining healthy and doing your best to take good care of yourself. Can you believe we have 3 more months of 2020? Most of us had specific and possibly exciting plans and goals for 2020, then Covid-19 came along and urged us to adjust to new routines, changed plans and uncertainties. The method in how we have adjusted varies. My personal goal was to finish 2020 strong. I then adjusted my personal goal to finish 2020 better. I have decided my best option is to finish 2020 with grace. 

This month we acknowledge October is the awareness month for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. As a therapeutic community we advocate for safety, denounce all violence, continue to have hope for a cure, hold space for those currently in treatment, and support those who have lost loved ones. Next month, November, will be a busy time for SVC-CAMFT. We will hold our last board meeting for the year, present our last workshop addressing addiction amidst Covid-19, host our annual membership meeting and celebrate our 50th Anniversary complete with virtual games, raffles and prizes. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us on Saturday, November 7, 2020. Your voice, your vote and your presence matter to us. 

Pass the word: SVC-CAMFT is in need of volunteers. If you have a few hours to spare, please consider sharing your gifts and talents with the Sacramento Valley. There are opportunities to support through technology and social media, writing for our newsletter and blogs or serving within the finance, volunteer or membership committees. Do you know any current graduate students who may want to represent their college as Student Ambassadors for SVC-CAMFT? If so, please encourage them to check our website, review the description and apply. SVC-CAMFT is also hiring. We have an Administrative Assistant position available. Please click the link for more information. 

We have a slate for our 2021 Executive Committee. The candidates for include Ann Leber, LMFT  for Treasurer, Marianna Jakucska, LMFT for Secretary,  and Jessica Moreno, DMFT, LMFT. Ballots should be emailed out (mail if postal mail was selected) on November 1st. There are also slots for write-in candidates. 

Lastly, we are approaching the holiday season. Without a pandemic, holidays can bring about mixed emotions. We now must factor in Covid-19, sheltering in place, Quarantine Fatigue and Zoom/Screen-time fatigue. I continue to implore each of us to commit to regular, daily appointments for self-care whether it is a hearty laugh, healthy snack, a healthy activity, unplugging or adequate sleep. Continue to be good to yourself and others. 

In joy and wellness, 

Linita Morris, LMFT

SVC-CAMFT President

This issue: 

· Letter From the Board

· News from the BBS

· Upcoming Event Information

 Upcoming Board Meetings

· Paid MFT Internships

· Advertising and Announcements

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  Linita Morris, LMFT

  Dr. La Tanya Takla, EdD, LMFT 

  Past President:
  Ann Leber, LMFT

  Secretary:              Marianna Jakucska, LMFT


  Program Co-Chairs: 
  Amita Khare, LMFT
  Aya Rasheed, LMFT

  3000 Club Chair:          Alicia Pharis, LMFT

  Volunteer Chair:
  Jessica Moreno, LMFT

  Membership Chair:

  Sponsorship Chair: 

News from the BBS


Pursuant to Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order N-39-20, during the current state of emergency, the director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs may waive statutory or regulatory requirements with respect to a professional license issued pursuant to Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code (BPC). This includes professional licenses issued by the Board of Behavioral Sciences. The director has granted the Board’s request to temporarily waive a number of laws in order to address barriers created by the pandemic. Information about relevant waivers, executive orders, and any updates or extensions will continue to be listed on the homepage of the Board’s website—www.bbs.ca.gov—in the red "COVID-19 waivers and FAQs for BBS" box.

The Board’s current law waivers, as of the date of publication, are as follows:

1. Face-to-Face Training and Supervision This waiver, effective May 6, 2020, allows Associates in any setting to gain their required weekly supervisor contact via two-way, real-time videoconferencing (telephone supervision is not permitted). Current law does not specifically address supervision of Trainees via telehealth; however, the Board is interpreting the law to also allow Trainees to receive supervision via telehealth. It remains the responsibility of the supervisor and the school to determine if supervision via telehealth is appropriate for a particular Trainee given individual circumstances. This waiver also waives the law that requires MFT Trainees and PCC Trainees to provide “face-to-face” mental health services in order to complete their required practicum hours, and instead specifies that they may meet this requirement via telehealth. (This is already permitted under the Board’s interpretation of the law; however, a waiver was requested for clarification purposes.) This waiver is effective until November 2, 2020.

2. Law and Ethics Exam for Renewal of Associate Registration This waiver states that Associates whose registrations expire between March 31, 2020, and October 31, 2020, do not need to attempt the California Law and Ethics Examination in order to renew their registration. These Associates will need to attempt the exam at a later date—see the FAQ in the red "COVID-19 waivers and FAQs for BBS" box on the Board’s homepage for more information.  

3. Continuing Education for Renewal of License This waiver states that Board licensees whose licenses expire between March 31, 2020, and October 31, 2020, do not need to complete continuing education (CE) in order to renew their license. These licensees will need to complete their CE at a later date—see the FAQ in the red "COVID-19 waivers and FAQs for BBS" box on the Board’s homepage for more information.

4. Eligibility Period to Retake Examinations This waiver extends the examination eligibility period for applicants who failed the clinical examination (for LMFT, LCSW, or LPCC applicants) or the written examination (for LEP applicants), and whose one-year eligibility to retake the examination expired between March 31, 2020, and July 1, 2020. Instead of having one year to retake the examination, these individuals will instead have 18 months. The 18-month timeframe starts on the date the applicant was notified of failing the exam. See the FAQ in the red "COVID-19 waivers and FAQs for BBS" box on the board’s homepage for more information.

5. Passage of Law and Ethics Exam for Issuance of Subsequent Registration This waives the requirement that Associates pass the California Law and Ethics Exam before a subsequent registration number may be issued. The waiver applies to all Associates who are in their last year of renewal, if the registration expires between March 31, 2020, and October 31, 2020. The California Law and Ethics Exam will still need to be passed by the next renewal date— see the FAQ in the red COVID-19 box on the Board’s homepage for more information.

6. Practicum Enrollment for MFT Trainees Under current law, MFT Trainees are permitted to gain experience hours outside of practicum, but they must be enrolled in a practicum course to counsel clients. However, the law permits MFT Trainees to counsel clients while not enrolled in practicum if the period of lapsed enrollment is less than 90 calendar days, and if that period is immediately preceded by enrollment in a practicum course and immediately followed by enrollment in a practicum course or completion of the degree program. This waiver extends the lapsed enrollment period from 90 days to 180 days. The waiver applies to MFT Trainees who were last enrolled in a practicum course between March 31, 2020, and August 31, 2020. These Trainees are permitted to counsel clients while not enrolled in practicum if the period of lapsed enrollment is less than 180 calendar days, and if that period is immediately preceded by enrollment in a practicum course and immediately followed by enrollment in a practicum course or completion of the degree program. See the FAQ in the red "COVID-19 waivers and FAQs for BBS" box on the Board’s homepage for more information.

7. Reactivating or Restoring a Retired, Inactive, or Canceled License: Continuing Education and Renewal or Delinquency Fee This waiver permits an individual with a retired, inactive, or canceled license who wishes to restore their license in order to help with the current state of emergency, to do so during this time without being subject to the normally required CE requirements and renewal and delinquency fees. This only applies to individuals whose license has been retired, inactive, or canceled for no more than five years. Visit the following link for more information: https://covid-19.dca.ca.gov/ BackToActive.


November Workshop


Topic:  Managing Addiction in the time of COVID
Presenter: Francine Farrell, LMFT & Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Date:  Friday, November 6, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00PM
Location: Zoom (Link will be sent the week before the workshop)

Login at 9:45AM

This program will benefit LMFT, LPCC, LEP and LCSW licensees and pre licensees by preparing them to assess, diagnose, intervene and effectively manage treatment of substance abusing patients.  Ethical and clinically effective treatment demands a more nuanced approach to substance abuse understanding and treatment.

Meets the qualifications for 2 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.  Sacramento Valley Chapter of California Marriage and Family Therapists (SVC-CAMFT) CAMFT CEPA CE Provider #62279 is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor Continuing Education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs. SVC-CAMFT maintains the responsibility for the program and all its content.  CE Credit will be awarded after the completion of the course via email in exchange for a completed course evaluation form.

No CEs will be awarded to persons arriving late or leaving early. Partial CE credit will not be awarded. 

Workshop Information:

This course will focus on the impact of Covid 19 on addiction, relapse and recovery. Diagnostic criterion for Substance Abuse Disorders will be discussed. Best practice for providing therapeutic support to individuals and families during Covid will be addressed, including but not limited to assessment, evaluation, intervention, treatment and referral.

9:45 am Login
9:45am - 10:00am - Announcements
10:00am - 11:00am 
- Lecture
11:00am - 11:10am - Group Discussion
11:10am - 12:00pm - 
noon - Workshop Ends

Learning Objectives:
1.     Develop the ability to identify addictive patterns and behaviors
2.     Learn how to intervene with clients with substance use and substance abuse issues
3.     Develop an understanding of available resources during the time of COVID

Presenter Bio:
Francine Farrell completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Science in Counselor Education. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. For the past 30 years, she has focused on monitoring and supporting physicians and other health care professionals who have developed problems related to alcohol, drug or mental health issues. Francine was a founding member of Pacific Assistance Group, a 5-year monitoring and support program for Physicians with addiction problems. Pacific Assistance Group offers a comprehensive and effective monitoring program for health care professionals who have developed substance use disorders or other mental health problems. Francine has developed comprehensive protocols for Abstinence and Recovery Monitoring procedures.

Register and pay online

Early registration ends Thursday, October 29, 2020 Early registration rates:

2020 Licensed, Associate or Affiliate Member of SVC-CAMFT or a local chapter of CAMFT: $20

2020 Pre-Licensed Member of SVC-CAMFT or a local chapter of CAMFT: $15

Non-Member: $30

Starting Friday, October 30, 2020 rates:

2020 Licensed, Associate or Affiliate Member of SVC-CAMFT or a local chapter of CAMFT: $25

2020 Pre-Licensed Member of SVC-CAMFT or a local chapter of CAMFT: $20

Non-Member: $35

Registration Ends Wednesday, November 4, 2020No Walk-in Registration unless announced.  

Registration Policy
Effective January 1, 2018 SVC-CAMFT event registration must be paid online except with prior approval.  Registration dates and fees may vary and are subject to change without notice.  Event discounts prices and discount periods may or may not be offered.  Event registration is deemed complete during the registration period in which registration payment is received.  Incomplete or unpaid registration will be cancelled and removed at the end of each registration period. 

Refund Policy
Cancellations received more than 7 days prior to an event may be subject to an administrative fee to cover costs of the initial transaction.  No shows, failure to attend, and cancellations 7 or fewer days prior to an event for any reason are non-refundable, including registrations received fewer than 7 days prior to an event. No credit, refunds, or price adjustments will be given for typographical advertisement errors. A $25 fee in addition to the registration fee will be charged for insufficient funds, denied credit cards, or charge-backs. By registering for the event you agree to the terms of the Refund Policy.

Grievance Policy 
is located here.

It is the goal of SVC-CAMFT is to ensure that we have an environment that is conducive to learning for all of our attendees so we ask that at our events\workshops not to wear scented products.  Thank you.

To request accommodations for a disability or an ASL interpreter for any of our events contact our Administrative Assistant at info@svccamft.org

Annual Membership Meeting


SVC-CAMFT 50th Anniversary Celebration

Annual Membership Meeting
Date:  Saturday, November 7, 2020
Time: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Location: Rancho Cordova City Hall,
2729 Prospect Park Drive,
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (map)
Room: American River South



November 7, 2020 - 10:30 AM

Item I.
 Call To Order
Item II.
 Welcome and Annual Report
Item III.
Item IV.
 Committee Report(s)
Item V.
 Old Business
  1) Announcement of Election Results
 2) Presentation of New Board Members
Item VI.
 New Business
Item VII.
 Open Forum
Item VIII.
 Call to Close

Please Click to Register for the Annual Meeting 
No cost to attend


Community Huddles

Let's connect and support one another amid Covid-19. our next two Community Huddles will be hosted via Zoom:

Free Community Huddle on Zoom on Sunday, October 25, 2020 6:30 to 7:30PM

Free Community Huddle on Zoom on Sunday, December 6, 2020 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Let's talk about taking care of ourselves and our clients during this pandemic, learn about resources for telehealth, online payment options, and supporting first-responders. 

This is our opportunity to stand together for ourselves and for those who need our help. 

We have updated the security on our virtual meetings.  Once you register for this Community Huddle, you will receive an email with a link to create a secure login to ZOOM.

Due to limited availability, please only register if you are able to attend. If you have registered and cannot attend, please email info@svccamft.org so we can cancel your registration. 

Hope to see and connect with you online! 

Meetup for LGBTQ+ Mental Health Professionals

Our next MeetUp for LGBTQ Mental Health Professionals is Monday, October 26th from 6:00-7:30pm on ZOOM.  

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

No need to be a member of any organization. This is a safe space for LGBTQ+ Mental Health Professionals- any race, culture, nationality or religion is welcome.

Meetups for Mental Health Professionals of Color

Our next MeetUps for Mental Health Professionals of Color will be:

Thursday, October 22nd,  6:30 - 7:30 pm via Zoom 

Wednesday, November 18th, 6:30-7:30pm via Zoom.

More than ever it's important for us to come together as a community to help each other so we can help others to the best of our abilities. 

No need to be a member of any organization. This is a safe space for people of color. Any mental health professional of color - any race, culture, nationality or religion is welcome.

Upcoming Board Meetings

Board Meetings are FREE for anyone to attend BUT you MUST register so we have an accurate headcount.

To Register click on the board meeting(s) you wish to attend.


Fri, November 06, 2020 12:30 PM • ZOOM

Prelicensed is a free resource for MFT registered associates, trainees, and students in California. We offer numerous services that are designed to help you prepare and prevail over the course of your journey to licensure

Clinician I and II - Sacramento, CA - Stanford Youth Solutions

Mental Health Counselor - Sacramento, CA - Visions Unlimited, Inc.

For more job listings and other free resources, visit Prelicensed

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