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DEI News

  • Wed, March 27, 2024 3:02 PM | Jalena Rusaw (Administrator)

    In the ever-evolving landscape of marriage and family therapy, one essential aspect stands out: the imperative need to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As therapists, we are entrusted with guiding individuals, couples, and families through the intricate dynamics of their relationships. However, to truly empower and support our clients, it's paramount to recognize and celebrate the diverse identities, experiences, and backgrounds that shape their lives.

    Diversity enriches our understanding of human relationships, bringing forth a kaleidoscope of perspectives, values, and traditions. Every family we work with is unique, influenced by factors such as culture, ethnicity, disability, religion, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation. By acknowledging and honoring this diversity, we create a safe and affirming space where clients feel seen, heard, and valued for who they are.

    Equity lies at the heart of our commitment to social justice and fairness. It's about dismantling systemic barriers and addressing inequalities that impact marginalized communities. In marriage and family therapy, this means ensuring that all clients have equal access to resources, support, and opportunities for growth. By advocating for equity, we strive to level the playing field and empower clients to navigate their relationships with confidence and resilience.

    Inclusion is the cornerstone of building strong therapeutic relationships. It's about creating an environment where every individual feels welcomed, respected, and validated. Inclusive practices foster trust and collaboration, laying the foundation for meaningful dialogue and positive change. As therapists, we must actively cultivate a culture of belonging, where diverse voices are not only heard but also valued and integrated into the therapeutic process.

    So, how do we put these principles into action? It starts with self-reflection and ongoing learning. We must examine our own biases, assumptions, and privileges, and commit to expanding our cultural competence. By seeking out training, supervision, and consultation, we can deepen our understanding of diverse perspectives and enhance our ability to serve our clients effectively.

    Furthermore, we must tailor our assessment and intervention approaches to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of each client. This may involve adapting therapeutic techniques and creating space for clients to share their cultural stories and experiences.

    As marriage and family therapists, we have a responsibility to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in our practice. By embracing these principles, we not only strengthen our therapeutic work but also contribute to building a more just and inclusive society. Together, we can create healthier, happier, and more resilient relationships for individuals, couples, and families!

  • Fri, June 10, 2022 2:44 PM | Anonymous

    To date, Sacramento Valley CAMFT has:

    • Assembled a Diversity Committee
    • Published a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion chapter statement
    • Facilitated a three-chapter collaboration to host RaceTalk workshop
    • Are partnering with The Gender Health Center to host the Gender 101 Workshop
    • Worked to build partnerships with several local mental health agencies of color
    • Committed to ensuring that our online and print collateral is ADA compliant
    • Last but not least, we have assembled a Diverse Board of Directors
  • Fri, June 10, 2022 2:42 PM | Anonymous


    The Sacramento Valley Chapter of CAMFT is committed to and is intentional with regards to increasing awareness of bias as well as the harmful effects caused by inequality. To that end, our chapter has formed a Diversity committee whose purpose is to enhance the diversity of programming offered through our chapter's continuing education, in content and in representation. We acknowledge that this will be a living statement that will change as we learn and grow.

    Our Plan of Action for 2022-2023: 

    1. We commit to actively recruit members of underrepresented populations of our community.
    2. We commit to a designated budget for our Diversity Initiatives, including: events, trainings, and resources for our Diversity Committee. 
    3. We commit to fostering spaces that are responsive to the needs of underrepresented affinity groups of therapists, for example: consultation groups, networking events, and other opportunities for connection.
    4.  We make deliberate efforts to extend the reach of mental health resources to the diverse population by providing workshops and training to mental health providers addressing the needs of said population. 

    “Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.”
            Jesse Jackson

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