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Student Ambassador Program

What is the Student Ambassador Program?

The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students to serve as a liaison between the membership’s community of the Sacramento Valley Chapter of CAMFT (SVC-CAMFT) and the student body of your school.  The collaboration between the two groups will enrich the quality of the students learning experience as well as the quality of services provided by the chapter to its members. As a representative of your school and graduate program you will perform several duties at SVC-CAMFT events. Student Ambassadors will also serve in pre-existing events within the school to represent SVC-CAMFT and its mission.


The Sacramento Valley Chapter of CAMFT is one of the twenty-nine chartered chapters of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists an independent professional organization representing the interests of licensed marriage and family therapists.

Our Mission at SVC-CAMFT is to focus on relationship building with clients, with our members, and with our community. Our chapter serves members in furthering professional excellence as agents of change in enhancing individuals and families and exerting a positive, humanizing impact on the larger society.  SVC-CAMFT provides its members with continuing education credits for professional development as well as:

  • Regular networking, community-building, and support for licensed and pre-licensed MFT’s
  • Monthly workshops, seasonal socials, and trainings throughout the year
  • Listserve, available to all members to post announcements to the entire chapter membership
  • The SVC Newsletter (available to all members to post advertisements) 

Why become a Student Ambassador?

  • Not only is being a Student Ambassador a great resume builder, it also lets potential practicum sites see your level of dedication, enthusiasm and responsibility, putting you head and shoulders above the competition
  • Free membership to SVC-CAMFT
  • Free enrollment to all trainings and workshops
  • Monthly invitation to SVC-CAMFT Board Meetings with lunch of your choice provided
  • Full access to SVC-CAMFT networking opportunities

What does a Student Ambassador do?

  • Will be the point of contact for any students who have questions or interest in SVC-CAMFT and its activities. 
  • Welcome and greet at SVC-CAMFT events
  • Provide various services and referrals to the campus.
  • Represent SVC-CAMFT during college events.
  • Assist with duties and tasks related to events put on by various SVC-CAMFT committees
  • Work with diverse populations and provide tips for successful transition from the school environment to the field
  • Attend board meetings, clinical workshops and required trainings.

Becoming a Student Ambassador


  • Must be a currently enrolled in an accredited MFT graduate program.
  • Must be currently enrolled in at least 10 credits or be registered for 10 credits the quarter\semester in which the position would begin.
  • Must have a GPA of at least 3.0 for the quarter\semester and cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Position has a one academic year commitment. (Fall-Spring)
  • Demonstrate strong communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills.Exhibit leadership, initiative, dependability, discipline and enthusiasm.

 Student Ambassadors...

  •  Excel at communicating with others
  •  Provide excellent customer service
  •  Have SVC-CAMFT spirit
  •  Are open to learning new things
  •  Have a commitment to diversity and cultural pluralism

Application Selection Process

To apply, please go to\ambassadorapp to complete and submit the Student Ambassador Application.

1. After the application due date, applications are reviewed for eligibility.
2. Names are removed from applications during committee review.
3. Committee reviews and grades applications with a scale of 1-5 on the following:
    a. Time/Effort - Candidate took time to follow directions, information is organized, professional, and formatted.
    b. Complete - Application was intact with all pages/questions, each section was filled out with info or N/A, references were included, and applicant may have attached additional items such as resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation.
    c. Content - Responses to questions were well thought out or complete, student appeared interested in leadership experience, demonstrated understanding and desire to be an ambassador and a willingness to grow.
4. Applications with high scores in the above areas are selected for the interview process.

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