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Two EMDR-Certified Therapists Offering Telehealth EMDR Monday-Saturday

  • Sat, October 01, 2022 12:30 PM
    Message # 12939086

    Hello colleagues,

    Evergreen Counseling just hired two extremely seasoned and exceptionally skilled EMDR-Certified therapists who are taking on new EMDR clients *anywhere* in California for telehealth EMDR sessions Monday through Saturday (yes, Saturday!).

    Cindy Hernandez, LCSW, Ph.D and Stephen Duraney, LPCC.

    Both have dedicated their lives and careers to helping people overcome their trauma impacts and they are taking on new EMDR clients *anywhere* in California. We couldn't be more honored that these two exceptionally seasoned clinicians chose to join us and let Evergreen be the home for their extraordinary clinical work.

    We wanted to briefly introduce them to you:

    Cindy Hernandez, LCSW, Ph.D

    Cindy is one of the most talented clinicians we’ve ever met and she’s dedicating her life to helping those who come from relational trauma histories. We're genuinely humbled by her commitment to healing work.

    Her clinical specialties include:

    Here’s what she has to say about her EMDR therapy work:

    “Throughout my life, I have experienced much pain and loss, all of which have fostered resiliency, compassion, and a deep desire to partner with others in cultivating the meaningful and peaceful life they want to live. It is through EMDR, both as a clinician and a client, that I found the answers I was looking for—to not only achieve healing for myself but to be able to offer it to others as well.”

    Read more about Cindy here.

    And now we want you to meet Stephen.

    Stephen Duraney, LPCC

    Stephen is not only one of the best clinicians we’ve ever met, but we can also genuinely say that we feel a teeny bit jealous of his children because they get to have someone like him for a father (so imagine how good of a therapist he is, especially for those who have attachment trauma!). 

    His clinical specialties include:

    Here’s what he has to say about his EMDR therapy work:

    “As a former member of the Army National Guard, I witnessed firsthand the results of trauma and stress and the havoc that they can wreak on a person’s life. Counseling was a natural step into a field that has equipped me with the experience and knowledge to help people develop their inner strength, build deeper relationships with the people around them, and rediscover their joy. I have a heart for helping people arrive at this type of insight and change. In addition, I enjoy getting to learn from clients each day and the personal growth that comes with accompanying you on the journey towards healing.”

    Read more about Stephen here.

    If you need to make referrals to EMDR therapists, I wanted you to know about Cindy and Stephen. They are truly top-tier clinicians and fully dedicated to helping clients resolve their trauma symptoms with EMDR.

    If any prospective client is curious about EMDR with either Cindy or Stephen, please know that you can view their up-to-the-minute openings, fees, and contact details here, and/or at any point they can simply book a complimentary 20-minute matching consultation call with Stephen here or Cindy here and/or take the first steps and book a full first therapy session.  

    I hope that it feels helpful to know about these two cream-of-the-crop EMDR clinicians joining Evergreen and that they have room for new EMDR clients now.

    Warmly, Annie

    Annie Wright, LMFT (pronouns: she, her)
    Evergreen Counseling

    2140 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 804/805
    Berkeley, California

    Direct Phone Line: 510-214-3290

    Fax: 510-255-1997

    Elizabeth Anne Wright, Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist #95719

    Evergreen Counseling A Marriage And Family Therapy Corporation

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