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Group for Graduating Seniors starting soon

  • Thu, January 04, 2024 11:11 AM
    Message # 13297086

    At EMERGE, we believe in the power of groups to to facilitate social and emotional learning growth and learning. Groups reduce stigma and are a safe place to land when life gets hard. Over time, group members become a trusted resource to turn to for guidance and support.

    Group for Graduating Seniors
    The final semester of senior year is undoubtedly filled with excitement and celebration, but can also be filled with anxiety and emotionally challenging experiences in saying goodbye to friends, separating from family and entering the larger world of college and career. This short-term group will offer 12th graders an opportunity to connect with each other and discuss these experiences in a supportive environment where they can be genuine and real with their peers. 

    This group will meet weekly for one hour from Feb-May on either Tuesday or Wed afternoons. 
    The group will have 6-8 members. The cost is $50 per session and reduced fees are available. 

    Teen Relational Groups
    EMERGE offers open-ended, relational therapy groups to help members of different ages connect with each other and communicate more honestly. As trust grows, members develop a space where they can be themselves and relate more authentically. This leads to a stronger sense of identity, greater social confidence and an increased feeling of belonging in the world, which can have positive effects on many areas of life. 

    Groups have 5-7 members and cost $50 per session. Reduced fees are available. 

    Parent Groups
    These groups offer a welcoming and inclusive space to discuss the challenges and rewards of parenting adolescents. The groups are a place to learn, heal and connect with other parents.

    Parent groups have 6-8 members and meet twice a month. 
    The cost is $50 per session and reduced fees are available. 

    For more information about groups, contact Lawrence Shweky, LCSW at

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