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October 2013 SVC-CAMFT Newsletter.

  October 2013  

Sacramento Valley Chapter

California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists

Newsletter Editor:  Heather Blessing, MFT Registered Intern

Letter from the Board

Hello Sacramento Valley


I am writing to you after a historic vote that occurred at the most recent meeting of the State Board of Directors hearing weekend before last.

As many of you are aware I have been an active member of an organization that was set up to revisit the most recent Bylaw revision which changed CAMFT from an organization representing and advocating for Marriage and Family Therapists to an organization representing and advocating for all Mental Health Professionals.

As a result of the organization over a thousand individual petitions were in hand to be delivered to the Board to call a Special Election of the Members with the intent of reversing the Bylaw vote and possibly recalling all members of the State Board of Directors.

To the credit of the State Board of Directors, our pleas were heard and a motion was made, seconded and carried to revisit the Bylaw issue by repealing the 2013 revision and reinstate the 2009 Bylaws with the provision that the membership (all licensed members) be allowed to vote on the issue to determine the final outcome.

All licensed members will be receiving a ballot within the next week or two which allows one of two votes: to keep in place the 2013 Bylaws that were recently passed which made CAMFT into an organization that advocated for all mental health professionals OR to repeal the 2013 Bylaws and reinstate the 2009 Bylaws which keeps CAMFT an organization that is dedicated to the art and science of Marriage and Family Therapy.

While the SVC Board has taken no formal position on the Bylaws issue, we have advocated for an informed electorate. We urge each and every one of you to read and review the issues pro and con for both sides of the argument and make an informed decision. Most importantly we urge you to make your voices heard AND VOTE!

This is a critical time for CAMFT and your vote will directly impact the future of our organization. Don’t delay! When you receive your ballot and the Bylaws, review both and make an informed decision.

Your vote may be the one that makes a difference.


We are still looking for people to serve on the 2014 Board of Directors. We need to have a President -Elect, someone who will learn from next years President Jill Lawler and prepare to preside over the Chapter business on 2015. If interested, please feel free to contact me at d.chadwick.thompson@gmail.com. This position is for licensed folks only. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Regards Chad

  This issue:

· Letter From the Board
· Legal Beagle

· Training Survey
 · September Presentation Summary
October Meeting
·Upcoming Board Meetings
· Gottman Level II Training
· November AAMFT CAMFT  Training
· Special Feature
· Letters to the Editor
· Psyched about Books and Movies
· Advertising and Announcements
· Advertising Policy for the Newsletter


Chad Thompson, MFT


Jill P. Lawler, MFT

Past President:
Eva Tak, MFT

Brad Gilbert, MFT Intern

Beverly Baldwin, MFT Intern

Dr. Linda Sessions, MFT

Althea Lee, MFT Intern

Program Chair:

Tracy Thomas

Assistant Program Chair:

Karla Amanda Brown
, MFT Intern
Hospitality Co-Chairs:

Kimberlie Flowers, MFT

Pre-License Chair:

Luis Gonzalez, MFT Intern

Volunteer Chair:

Catherine Zanzi, MFT Intern

Membership Co-Chairs:
Cheryl Cleveland, MFT Intern
Miriam Hernandez, MFT Intern

Newsletter Editor:

Heather Blessing, MFT Intern


Legal Beagle

dectective.pngWelcome to the section of the SVC-CAMFT newsletter, Legal Beagle written by Darlene Davis, LMFT. The chapter thought it would be helpful to keep you updated on new laws, legislative pursuits or actions, as well as ongoing legal and ethical dilemmas we all face in our career as Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Interns, and Trainees. Please feel free to ask questions that you have and I will do my best to investigate and post your answer in the newsletter. Please note that articles are based on information from CAMFT and/or the BBS and have been researched to the best of my ability. This is not meant to be legal advice.  Please contact CAMFT or Board of Behavioral Sciences for any legal matters you need assistance for.

As some of you might already know CAMFT has passed a motion asking for a vote by the members to rescind the changes in the current bylaws and reinstate the January 2009 bylaws. This has been a very controversial topic and the members were heard by the board. Late October/early November a ballot will be sent to our members. Please read it carefully and talk with colleagues to get a full understanding of what your vote means. CAMFT is also offering “CAMFT Connects”, one in Southern California and one in Northern California offering a forum for feedback from members and transparency by the board. Details are at www.camft.org .

The following notes highlight discussion and action from the September 21-22, 2013, CAMFT Board of Directors meeting in Santa Barbara, CA.

(Note:  On Friday evening, September 20th, the CAMFT Board met informally with leaders from the Santa Barbara Chapter.  The “Board-to-Board” gatherings are intended to allow for interaction between state and local leaders when the CAMFT Board is meeting in a chapter’s area.)

The Board of Directors deliberated for approximately 12 hours over two days on a proposed member motion to repeal the July 2013 CAMFT bylaws.  The Board reviewed numerous member comments received, evaluated the input by CAMFT advisors, as well as discussed the merits of the proposed motion.  Before the deliberations, 12 CAMFT members spoke to the motion as well.  The Board deliberated over the matter and approved the following two motions:

“To approve the repeal of the current bylaws approved in July 2013 and reinstate the bylaws adopted in January 2009.  The Board’s approval is subject to voting members' approval by ballot.”

“To send the vote to the membership, regarding the bylaws, per the motion approved on September 21, 2013, for a December 4, 2013 election date.   December 5th and 6th to be designated ballot-counting days.”

The January 2009 bylaws and the July 2013 bylaws can be reviewed on CAMFT’s website. Both sets of the bylaws and an official ballot will to be sent to the membership by late October/early November 2013.

I hope we as an organization evolve and transform in a way that meets the needs of our members and our community and do so in a mature and professional manner.

Don’t judge someone’s choices without first knowing their reason. ~ Robert Tew


Darlene Davis, LMFT
Executive Director HOPE; Healthy Outcomes for Personal Enrichment
MFT Stipend Coordinator for Greater Sacramento
Instructor of University of Phoenix


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  September Presentation Summary

Money Disorders: How to Identify Self-sabotaging Behaviors, presented by Karen McCall

Money $; It is a hot topic. Do you recognize these symptoms?

  • ·      Denial
  • ·      Secrecy and Shame
  • ·      Obsession
  • ·      Lack of Control
  • ·      Inability to Change Behavior Despite Negative Consequences

These are symptoms related to money disorders. Over the years, several of my clients have had money problems and I did not have the tools to help them. I did not recognize the symptoms as an addiction, nor did I have the language to appropriately discuss the underlying cause and effect. Our guest speaker, Karen McCall (Founder of Financial Recovery Institute), provided some fantastic tips regarding how to identify and address money problems and money disorders. Even though the focus was on assisting clients with money issues, I believe many of us in the room personally benefitted from her presentation. Ms. McCall’s presentation was thought-provoking, honest and informative. She introduced some language that can helpful when discussing money problems in treatment. For example, she identified money disorders as the following:

  • ·      Overspending
  • ·      Chronic Debting
  • ·      Underearning
  • ·      Workaholism
  • ·      Inherited wealth
  • ·      Wealth addiction

Ms. McCall told us about her availability to teach the right candidates how to use her system to build or improve personal money skills and eventually get paid helping others “recover” from money disorders and achieve financial goals and objectives. This is not a class on becoming a financial advisor. Ms. McCall is offering professional training for creating a better quality “by teaching people how to break free of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that keep them stuck in a self-defeating relationship with money.” Ms. McCall is very approachable. Her personal story and those she shared about clients demonstrated the struggles and the efficacy of her recovery program.

If you are interested in her training program, check out her website, www.FinancialRecovery.com or e-mail her @ Karen@FinancialRecovery.com. Look for the FREE download “Money Autobiography” too. Also, take a moment to check out her online presence if you or your clients need a good money management tool like her moneyminderonline.com program.

Submitted by:

Martha “Marti” McClellan-Morehouse, MA, LMFT

Wisdom Coach/Speaker


October Meeting Information
Pre-license Meeting
Date: Friday, October 18, 2013, 8:30 am-9:15 am

Location: University of Phoenix, 2860 Gateway Oaks Drive, Sacramento 95833, in the Training Room 303

Speaker: TBD

Topic: TBD

Those who attend will receive one additional workshop hour.

General Meeting

Date: Friday, October 18, 2013 from 9:30 to Noon

Location: University of Phoenix, 2860 Gateway Oaks Drive, Sacramento 95833 (Map)

Speaker: Kevin Phillips

Topic:  Failure to Launch: Having the Conversation

"Failure to Launch" has become a term used to describe the continuing dependency of young adults on their parents beyond the adolescent years. Regardless of factors that may contribute to this reality, parents often struggle to "have the conversation" with their adult children. A Marriage and Family Therapist is in a privileged position to coach both parents as well as adult children into how to turn a challenging situation into a creative and productive opportunity to enrich relationships and empower growth.

Participants will learn:

· How insight into four unique relational styles inform conversational dynamics.

· How to identify a specific relational style in oneself and others.

· How improving relational competence leads to more favorable outcomes.

· How to identify four specific conversational goals.

· How to coach others in 1) identifying the appropriate goal for a specific conversation, 2) practicing the appropriate dialogical pattern, and 3) knowing when to move to the next conversational goal in the process.

Includes continental breakfast and 2 CEUs

Register and pay online or register and pay cash/check at the door. Early registration ends Tuesday, October 15th.

We encourage early registration as space is limited.

  Click here to register.

Cost: Pre-register: $15 stu/interns, $20 SVC-CAMFT memb, $30 non-memb., +$5 "at-door" registration. Inclu. Cont brkfst. & 2 CEUs. No cc's at door. Reserv req'd by October 15th -Laura (916) 350-1577, email:membership@sacramentovalleycamft.org or reg,pay, directions at http://www.sacramentovalleycamft.org 

Reservations required: You can register and pre-pay online at www.sacramentovalleycamft.org, or contact Laura Frederick at (916) 350-1577 or email membership@sacramentovalleycamft.org to register and pay at the door. Please help us contain the cost of presentations by making reservations in a timely manner (by Tuesday before the meeting). This is much appreciated.

*Disclaimer: University of Phoenix is a trade name and registered trademark of the Apollo Group, Inc. Its use herein by SVC- CAMFT to identify the event location is not intended to imply affiliation with, sponsorship or endorsement of the event by University of Phoenix or Apollo Group, Inc.

Upcoming Board Meetings

All members are invited to attend.

October 18, 2013 immediately following the Training Session.




Gottman Level 2 Training:

Click here to Register for this Event.


Understanding Major Mental Disorders of DSM 5
Speaker: Gabrielle M. Guedet, Ph.D., MFT
(2 CE)

Date: Friday, November 1, 2013
Time: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm
Includes Catered Breakfast and 2 CE Certificate
Location: Rancho Cordova City Hall
2729 Prospect Park Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
Cost: $15 Students, $25 AAMFT Members, $35 Non-Members
Flyer available for download: http://aamftca.org/sacramento/#anch8
Registration: https://www.formstack.com/forms/?1570318-xWaEfBPmyJ
Presentation Description

The information contained within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition vastly differs from previous editions; every section has seen significant changes. This workshop will provided a structured presentation that encourages questions and conversation from participants about the multiple changes to DSM 5, with focus given to neurodevelopmental disabilities, schizophrenia spectrum, mood disorders, and trauma and stressor-related disorders. Context to the changes will be provided during a brief review of the history of DSM.

Presenter Biography

Dr. Guedet, MFT is a long standing Clinical member of AAMFT, an Approved Supervisor, and presently serves as a member of the Political Action Advisory Committee for AAMFT-CA. Dr. Guedet, MFT was privileged to participate in some of the Research Trials for the APA concerning the new manual.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn about the multiple changes with the Major Mental Disorders of DSM.
Learn how to begin using the new format of the DSM 5.
Begin to understand the varied changes with the DSM 5.
Registration four or fewer days from the event, including walk-ins, pay additional $5. Refunds not provided for failure to attend or for cancellations less than seven days prior to the event. A $20 charge will be applied to denied credit card charges.

Event qualifies for CE for MFT and LCSW required by CA Board of Behavioral Sciences, BBS Provider #91.

For further information, contact:

Questions? Contact Sacramento Networking District Chair, at chair@aamftsacramento.org
Special Feature
Part 2 of 3

Saving Your Way Out of Debt: 10 Steps Toward Real Financial Freedom
By Karen McCall
Step 4: Use Periodic Savings Guilt Free!
Most of us have it in our minds that savings are not to be touched, and if we do use it, we feel as though we've failed. Periodic Savings is meant to be used, guilt-free, for periodic or non- monthly expenses (car registrations, taxes, membership dues, etc.) rather than charging them. Being without Periodic Savings is a sure way to keep on charging and to never break free of debt.

Step 5: Reduce Debt with a Proven Strategy
Once your debt is stabilized and you’re no longer incurring new debt, you’re saving monthly for your periodic expenses, and you’ve got a livable spending plan, you can focus on reducing your debt.

I teach a method that I call "snowballing" for repaying debt. To do this you arrange all of your credit card debts from the lowest balance to the highest. Plan to pay minimum payments on all but one targeted debt. Designate whatever amount above the minimum that you can pay toward just this card. It is often psychologically easier if you target the card with the lowest balance first. I want you to have a sense of accomplishment! If you have a balance of $7,000 on one card and $500 on another, it can be very frustrating to target the $7,000 card first, even if it has the higher interest rate, because it could take so long to pay it down. I would suggest that you target the $500 card. Pay only the minimum on the $7,000 card and target any extra debt payment funds toward the $500. You will feel great when it is gone and you can roll the entire amount you were paying on the smaller balance card up to the next larger balance. You pay the same amount toward debt repayment every month, but that amount "snowballs" until you're eventually paying the whole amount toward that big balance on the last card.

The big revelation here is that you can begin to feel more financially secure even before you’ve eliminated debt. I think of this as living free from debt even while you're getting out of debt.

Of course, the higher your debt, the slower the process of debt reduction. But please, reassure yourself: going slowly in the right direction is enormously better than going in the wrong direction at any speed.

Step 6: Build Your Safety-net
Everybody needs a safety net. Whether you are self-employed or work for someone else, it’s really important to have a plan for the possibility of a reduction or loss of income. A safety-net savings account is designed to cover your living expenses if your income is interrupted for any reason. This is separate from your periodic savings account: your periodic savings account is meant to be used for Periodic Expenses; your safety net is to be used only if you have an interruption in income.

The amount you need for your safety-net will depend on the nature of the work you do, your income, and how vulnerable to interruption it is. The idea of trying to save three to six months of income seems impossible for most of us, so most people don’t even try. I advise people to start small. Begin by trying to accumulate enough to cover groceries for a month. You’ll build this over time, and soon you’ll have enough to cover a month’s rent or mortgage payment. When you commit to the act of building your safety-net savings and then follow through by depositing into it every month, the savings will eventually add up to be enough to bridge the gap if your income is disrupted. Of course, once you’re no longer paying down debt, the amount you were paying toward your credit card bills can roll right into savings without changing your monthly spending plan one bit. At that point, you can build your safety net much more quickly.

Acrobats on the high trapeze always have a safety net below. The presence of the net offers the acrobats not only safety, but the confidence and freedom to really fly. Safety-net Savings does more than just protect us from the possibility of employment disaster or health crisis. It also offers us the freedom to create new career possibilities and rather than feeling trapped in jobs that make us unhappy. That’s why I think of this account as a “freedom fund.”

Karen McCall, Founder
Financial Recoverysm Institute
MoneyMinderOnline.com Co-Founder
415 742 4292
Read my blog here
Visit me on Facebook
Connect with me on Linkedin
 Order Karen's book here:  http://www.financialrecovery.com/?p=books

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Title:  The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Director: Stephen Chbosky

Released: 2012

Reviewer:  Heather Blessing, MFT Intern


Every now and then you get a pleasant surprise.  My son rented this movie from Netflix and it really showed life in high school - the clicks, the rejection, the acceptance and the struggle with depression.  My son (an 18 year old) and his friends, used this movie and talked deeply about the characters.  This would be a great movie if you are working with teens and depression - especially to view in a group to lead to some very deep conversations.


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Advertising and Announcements


FOR ANYONE WANTING TO EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF DEEP RELAXATION September thru October, 2013, Saturdays, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. New Beginnings Counseling Center 8002 California Avenue Fair Oaks, CA 95628 Facilitator: Bill Burg, LMFT, CCHT Phone Number: (916) 725-4154 Classes are for therapists and/or your clients. There are no costs, no CEU’s, no obligations. Classes begin September 7th. There is no charge for this training, but you must call ahead to reserve your seat. For additional information, check out my website at www.healthychoicescounseling.com.


We are looking for licensed therapists in private practice in the Sacramento Valley area to whom we can refer our graduates and their families.

Paradigm Malibu is a Residential Treatment Program for Adolescents struggling with Chemical Dependency, Mental Health and Behavioral Health Issues. We specialize in the provision of treatment for youth with co-occurring disorders. At Paradigm, we only treat 6 clients at a time and maintain the highest staff to client ratio in the nation. We provide comprehensive psychiatric assessments, psychological evaluations, family therapy, parenting classes, academic services, and an extensive array of expressive arts and experiential therapies, as well as free aftercare services.

If you are interested in a working relationship with us, please visit our web site at www.paradigmmalibu.com or call 855·780·TEEN. 


FREE Senior Living Placement Services, specializing in Assisted Living, Residential Care Homes, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Communities, In-home Care, Skilled Nursing , Hospice Care etc..   We help you find the right care solution based on your care needs, your financial resources, and personal preferences.  We will take the patient/family on a guided tour of the facilities that meet their needs and walk them through the entire process.  Call Dee Bailey today 916.372.3762 and learn more about us at www.assistedtransition.com/sacramento


If you live anywhere near Folsom it is a long trip to our SVC-CAMFT meetings.  There is an opportunity to meet with colleagues at Folsom Area Counselors and Therapists or FACT.  We meet monthly on the 1st Thursday from 8:30 to 10 at the Marriott Courtyard on Bidwell in Folsom.  Breakfast is optional.  Meetings are free for members and include a speaker of interest.  Discussions are lively.  Come visit and try us out.  Website:  www.folsomtherapists.org.


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