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Mentorship program

New SVC-CAMFT Program!

We all have strengths and weaknesses, as people and as psychotherapists. Our new mentorship program is here for you to share, increase, and expand your strengths in your professional capacity. Our mentorship program connects experienced members who want to offer support and guidance to members who are looking for support.

Both unlicensed and licensed members can be mentors, or mentees. If you are not licensed, you may have expertise in something that a seasoned therapist may need help with, such as social media, computer skills, accounting, marketing, networking, electronic scheduling, etc., skills that self-employed people can benefit from. Uncover your strengths (those of us with little faith) and discover how much you have to offer, and gain.

How it works

  • Members choose to be a mentor in their profile, and they are then listed in the Mentor Directory.
  • In their profiles, mentors select the areas they are interested in mentoring in.
  • Mentees view the list and contact mentors who may be a good fit.
  • If mentor and mentee think it is a good match, they decide how to proceed.
Mentoring is not intended for the provision of therapy, supervision, or case consultation. No compensation is permitted. Participants agree on where and how often to meet. The mentoring relationship is managed solely by the participants.*

Benefits of being a mentor

  1. Share your expertise with someone less experienced who may benefit from your guidance and support.

  2. Feel and honor your own strength as you support another therapist along their path and development.

  3. Increase your self-confidence, and lower your blood pressure, by sharing your knowledge and experience.

  4. Broaden your personal and professional horizon. 

  5. Emerge from your therapist shell and connect with another therapist one-on-one, as you are most comfortable.

benefits of being a mentee 

  1. Assess your strengths and fill in your knowledge gaps.

  2. Build or boost your courage by bravely and assertively asking for help.

  3. Improve your relationship with your clients by improving your therapy skills. 

  4. Broaden your personal and professional horizon. 

  5. Allow someone else to be a resource as you seek their advice and support.

  6. Emerge from your therapist shell and connect with another therapist one-on-one, as you are most comfortable.

How to Become a Mentor

  1. Express your interest by selecting YES in the "I want to be a mentor" question in your membership profile. This will add you to the online mentor directory. OR  you can send an email to info@svccamft.org.
  2. Choose the topics you are interested in mentoring in from the clinical and the business topics.
  3. A mentee will contact you from your mentor directory listing.
  4. You will work with your mentee to establish and achieve agreed-upon goals / activities.
  5. Mentors can edit their profiles by logging in and going to their profile by clicking their name in the upper right corner.

How to Find a Mentor

  •  Identify specific goal(s) you want to achieve.
  •  Review the mentor directory and contact someone you think will help you meet your goals.
  •  Make initial contact, review your goals together,  and set up meetings.
  •  Be self-directed, keep attention on your goals – operate as an adult learner.
  •  Make commitments and keep them.
  •  Maintain appropriate boundaries (do not use the mentor as a therapist or supervisor).

Suggested areas for mentoring


ADHD, Adoption, Anxiety/Depression, Autism, Brainspotting, CBT, Child/Adolescents, Couples, Culture/(E- I-)migration, DBT, Divorce/Custody, Domestic Violence, EMDR, Groups, Law & Ethics, LGBTQ, Medical/Health issues, OCD, Older adults, Personality DOs, Progress Notes/Documentation, Solution-Focused, Trainings, Transgender, Trauma


Accounting/Tax, Business Entities, Diversify, Document: EHR, CC processing, etc., Employment, Grow Private Practice, Health-Insurance Panels, Insurances, Internship, Legal Representation, Marketing, Out of Pocket Clientele, Professional Will, Retirement, Social Media, Start Private Practice, Supervision/Consultation, Support Groups

For assistance email info@svccamft.org.

*Mentor program disclaimer

SVC-CAMFT is not liable for any grievances between mentors and mentees. Members participate in this program at their free will. No member can sue SVC-CAMFT for any misconduct or other behavior by either mentor or mentee. Mentors and mentees are responsible for deciding the engagement terms and carrying them out. This is a voluntary service and compensation is not allowed. Please respect each person's time and efforts. The information provided through this program is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice that can be provided by an accountant, lawyer, financial or business advisor. There is no guarantee that any mentee will attain a particular result, positive or negative, financial or otherwise, through any mentorship relationship or use of this program. SVC-CAMFT will be held harmless from any and all claims, suits, actions or proceedings of any kind arising out of, or in connection with, any advice or guidance derived from any mentoring relationship or this program.

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