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Chapter News

  • Tue, October 25, 2022 4:20 PM | Anonymous

    Hello Sacramento Valley CAMFT Chapter and Community! I am Suzanne Quijano LMFT, your Membership Chair, and I am happy to announce the start of our Membership Spotlight Feature. Every other month, I will continue to feature one of our many wonderful members and their connection to our chapter. This program is open to all members, so if you would like to be featured and share with others why you enjoy being a part of SVC-CAMFT, please email me at

    Michele Villarreal is a psychotherapist and owner of her private practice, Four Seasons Counseling, based in Sacramento. She has been a member of SVC-CAMFT since 2017 while attending graduate school. She shares that what she appreciates most about our chapter is the membership participation and a board of directors that provides diverse speakers from the mental health field. As she says, “There is always something new and interesting to learn and to incorporate into my practice”

    In private practice, Michele specializes in trauma informed care and life transitions. She works with individuals, children, couples, and families. She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, art and play therapies. In addition, she offers Christian-based therapy, collaborating with clients based on their interest and needs. And now she looks forward to expanding her private practice to incorporate supervising Associate Marriage and Family Therapists, in order to give back to the mental health community. In her free time, Michele enjoys visiting High Hill Ranch in the Apple Hill region, just outside of Sacramento, where she has fond memories as a child and then as a mother taking her son to enjoy the seasonal festivities!

    To learn more about Michele’s practice you may email her at, visit her website at or find her listing on Psychology Today.

  • Mon, October 17, 2022 1:11 PM | Anonymous

    The BBS has recently added a couple FAQ's to their website due to AB 1759 being signed recently. This bill has a few major items to make note of.

    Beginning January 1, 2023
    1. New annual continuing education requirements for registration renewal
    2. Changes to the California law and ethics re-exam process

    Beginning July 1, 2023
    Training or Coursework in the Provision of Mental Health Services via Telehealth (3 Hours)

    Additionally, please remember AB 1758 was also signed recently
    Supervision of Applicants for Licensure via Videoconferencing

    We have also updated our Continuing Education page to include the new Associate requirements as well as update the Telehealth and Suicide Risk one time requirements under the Mandatory Coursework heading.

    Please take the time to review these FAQ's and become familiar with the new requirements.

    Check our legal updates page or the BBS law changes page.  

  • Mon, July 25, 2022 9:54 AM | Anonymous

  • Fri, June 10, 2022 2:21 PM | Anonymous

    SVC-CAMFT conducted a special membership drive this year. This included a drawing for two members to receive a Free Training to Level 1 Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy (SART Training)—a $699 value! A special thanks to Dr. Talal Alsaleem for sponsoring these scholarships.

    And now we are excited to announce the 2022 SVC-CAMFT winning members:

    Chris Tickner, PhD, MFT
    California Integrative Therapy
    Offices in Pasadena and Sacramento, CA

    Lynn Baker-Nauman
    Registered Drama Therapist
    MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    Our scholarship recipients will have the chance to learn with leading experts in Infidelity Counseling and become better equipped to work with couples and families in crisis. For more information on our two scholarship recipients please visit their websites, and for more information on SART, visit htps://

  • Fri, January 21, 2022 8:37 AM | Anonymous

    Each year the chapter's treasurer and board of directors create a proposed budget for the following year. This is available to all members to view, and we need a certain percentage of the members to vote. So please do your part and vote!

    You will need to log in to view the poll and vote.

  • Mon, January 17, 2022 3:35 PM | Anonymous

    Order Extending May 6, 2020, Order Waiving Face-to-Face Training and Supervision Requirements for Marriage Family Therapists, Professional Clinical Counselors, and Clinical Social Workers

    Download the full announcement using the link below

    The Director hereby further extends the Order Waiving Face-to-Face Training and Supervision Requirements for Marriage Family Therapists, Professional Clinical Counselors, and Clinical Social Workers. The order now terminates March 31, 2022, unless further extended.

    This order is effective immediately but may be amended as circumstances require.

    Dated Jan. 11, 2022

  • Mon, January 10, 2022 12:58 PM | Anonymous


    For a limited time, SVC-CAMFT is running a membership special that includes two scholarships for Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy (SART) training part 1 valued at $699.00. In order to qualify, you must work with couples. Two names will be drawn. This opportunity is being generously sponsored by Dr. Talal Alsaleem.

    SART was developed to provide counselors of all levels with a strategic and adaptive treatment method for helping couples heal from the trauma of sexual and emotional affairs.

  • Tue, December 28, 2021 11:34 AM | Anonymous

    Beginning January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act (H.R. 133) will go into effect. The law includes new requirements for health care providers, facilities, health plans and insurers which are intended to prevent consumers (a.k.a. patients) from receiving unanticipated medical bills. The No Surprises Act resulted in changes to the Public Health Service Act1 that also apply to health care providers and facilities.  In anticipation of the new laws, the federal government recently published the accompanying regulations or rules for compliance.  Part 1 of the subsequent regulations protects consumers with health plan coverage from surprise bills from out-of-network MFT providers under limited circumstances related to emergency and non-emergency services at in-network facilities. This portion of the no surprise billing regulations published in July of 2021 will have only minimal impacts on MFTs and is discussed in the last half of this article.

    View CAMFT Article

    HHS/CMS templates are linked here:

    Free On Demand CAMFT Webinar

    Other CAMFT Legal Articles
  • Tue, December 28, 2021 11:24 AM | Anonymous
    President: Amita Khare, LMFT
    Treasurer: Cassandra Flagg, LMFT
    Secretary: Marianna Jakucska, LMFT



  • Tue, December 21, 2021 3:00 PM | Anonymous

    BOARD PRESIDENT (one open position)

    Amita Khare is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the owner of Zenith Counseling. Amita has extensive experience of working with a diverse community in the Sacramento area. Amita has a passion to help women, children, and families. Amita has shown commitment to bringing mental health to the people by hosting mindfulness workshops and women empowerment events.

    Amita is passionate about serving the rich and
    diverse community of mental health professionals in
    the Sacramento area. She has been volunteering for
    SVC-CAMFT for 10 years, serving in various
    positions. During the pandemic, Amita along with
    the current president initiated and facilitated Zoom
    meetups to reach out to the mental health
    professionals in the area to provide much-needed
    support. Amita's vision for the SVC-CAMFT includes
    building a well-connected, resourceful and caring community of mental health professionals. Amita would like the local chapter to be instrumental in providing professional development resources to its members along with a strong sense of community.

     Answered: 39 Skipped: 0

    Amita Khare, LMFT

    100.00% 0.00%



    Answered: 6 Skipped: 33

    No Applicants

    Write In

    1. Ann Jakovic 2. Anne Jacovik


    BOARD SECRETARY (one open position)

    I am Marianna Jakucska, LMFT, licensed since December 8, 2014. I was born and raised in Hungary in the heart of Europe. I moved to the U.S. in 1993, lived in New York, then moved to the East Bay, California in 2003. I received my BA at San Francisco State University in Psychology in 2008 and MA in Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA in 2011. I have been a Sacramento resident since 2015.

    I counseled on the crisis hotline at Alameda County Crisis Support Services in Oakland. I acted as a milieu counselor for substances-using adults at New Bridge Foundation in Berkeley. In Sacramento, I provided trauma counseling to children, young adults, and their caregivers as well as to parents who were mandated to counseling by CPS at WellSpace Health. I provided therapy at Lions Heart Counseling. Since February 2019, I am in my private practice full time.

    My greatest pride is my website that I created from
    scratch and have been regularly updating with blog
    articles. I first resented having to learn the process of building a website since I could not afford to pay a professional to do it for me. But I have not regretted the price.

    I have been in the Secretary position with SVC-CAMFT for 2 years and I really enjoy the opportunity to serve with such devoted, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic bunch of people. I am hoping to continue serving the Sacramento Valley with them.

    Answered: 39 Skipped: 0

    Marianna Jakucska, LMFT 


    BOARD TREASURER (one open position)

    Cassandra Flagg is a newly licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Davis. Cassandra has worked with diverse populations including children, adolescents, and adults. She is extremely passionate in empowering individuals who may be struggling with a learning disability or with neurodivergence and strives to emphasize on everyone’s strengths and resilience.

    Cassandra is excited and motivated to volunteer
    and serve on the SVC-CAMFT board. She believes
    connecting with the community is vital and is
    passionate about building relationships with SVC-
    CAMFT members. As Treasurer, Cassandra is driven
    to ensure SVC-CAMFT is financially secure and
    sustainable for many years to come. She had a
    previous career with extensive experience in the
    areas of accounting, business, and management.
    Cassandra brings multiple perspectives into this role
    and is honored with the opportunity to serve in the community.

    Answered: 39 Skipped: 0

    Cassandra Flagg, LMFT


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