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Volunteer Chair

Your role as the Volunteer Chair is described below.


  • Organizes, coordinates and manages the recruitment of volunteers for the board and committees.
  • Maintains updated contact information on all volunteers.
  • Maintains updated list of open volunteer positions and requirements.
  • Fills open volunteer positions with qualified volunteers.
  • May have such other duties and powers as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors or SVC-CAMFT's bylaws.

The Volunteer Chair will attend five (5) board meetings and one (1) annual retreat. A maximum of one (1) board meeting can be missed.


Additional requirements for committee chairs and executive board members:

  • §  Executive board members who are not chairing or participating in a committee need to choose a committee to serve in whether as a chair or a member.
  • §  Executive board members and committee chairs are required to attend a minimum of 3 the monthly workshops. Attendance will allow board members to interact with SVC members, listen to their feedback, and make the necessary changes to improve the quality of services we offer.
  • §  Committee chairs are expected to meet with the other members of their committee before each scheduled board meeting.  The committee chair should submit their committee meeting minuets to the president a week prior to the schedule board meeting to ensure putting important items on the board meeting agenda.
  • §  The committee chairs are also expected to collaborate with the president elect in developing the strategic plan for the next presidency.

Structure of the board meetings:

  • §  Review and approve meeting minutes of the previous meeting.
  • §  Committee chairs and executive board members will present on the following:
1.    Status on the motions voted on in the previous meeting related to their committee or the position they hold on the board.
2.    Progress status on strategic plan goals.
3.    Motions that need to be created to help the committee chairs and executive board members complete old and or new objectives.
  • §  Committee chairs and executive board members are expected to send the president and the president elect a summary of what they want to be presented on their behalf, if they are unable to attend a scheduled board meeting. This will assure that we are able to operate efficiently with the absent of committee chairs and board members. The summary should include the bullet points described above.


  • Be a Member of CAMFT in good standing.
  • Be a Member of SVC-CAMFT in good standing.

SVC-CAMFT responsibilities are to provide:

·       Training and support for your volunteer position.

·       Free entrance to SVC-CAMFT 2 CE or fewer workshops

·       Possible free entrance to SVC-CAMFT workshops or training greater than 2 CE.

·       Possible reimbursement for Transportation, Accommodation and Attendance to the CAMFT Chapter Leadership Conference.

·       Access to SVC-CAMFT’s private Board Discussion List.

·       Access to CAMFT Chapter Leadership Discussion List.

·       Access to SVC-CAMFT Board’s private Website

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