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Community Assistance and Resource Effort (CARE) Task Force will represent SVC-CAMFT's commitment to serving our community by providing timely assistance and resources for tragedies, crises of social injustice, or natural disasters affecting those directly and indirectly in the greater Sacramento area. CARE will be a resource and a platform to help professionals receive support, education, training and resources. It will also serve as a platform for connecting members and non-members. The primary objective of CARE is to mobilize a therapeutic response for those affected by the impact of traumatic events. Oversight of the Task Force will reside with the Executive Committee of the SVC-CAMFT board.

CARE Workshops

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2018 CARE Workshop Donors

These are the wonderful people who voluntarily donated to our workshops during the registration process.  If a person donates during registration of multiple CARE workshops, their donations are totaled up and they are put in the appropriate category.  The voluntary donations during the registration process go to offsetting the expenses of that current CARE workshop.  If the donations exceed the expenses, the excess donations will be used for future CARE workshop expenses.  Donations are NOT tax deductible.

If you want to donate but are unable to attend click here and the donation will go towards CARE workshops.

Philanthropists - $30+

Heather Blessing * Jason Briggs * Seth DuVernay * Mary C Reilly * Rebecca Sharad 

Partners - $25

Marti McClellan-Morehouse

Sponsors - $20

Benny Glover * Judith Icasiano * Catherine Lazar *  DeBora Miller 

Supporters - $15

Carolyn R Curtis * Alicia Doktor * Robert Hickman * Gina Mertz * Jessica Wharton 

Assistants - $10

Helpers - $5

Elaine Johnson * Jaima Owen 

Therapists Offering Low Cost or Sliding Scale Therapy
for issues re: Stephon Clark Shooting

 Therapist Name Low Cost\Sliding Scale Therapist Name Low Cost\Sliding Scale

This Forum is intended to have a discussion about the Critical Incident Response Task Force


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